Connecting with your local government is now easier than ever with TextMyGov reporting and alerts. You can report a problem such as a missed trash pick-up or a pothole; text in a keyword to receive more information on that topic; or sign up to receive city alerts, library news, event updates and more!

Reporting and Keywords

Text MISSED PICKUP to 256-674-4111 if your trash was not picked up as scheduled. Text SEWER if you are having an issue with your city sewer service. Text REPORT to inform the City of any other issue.

To access more information on a topic, text a keyword or phrase to 256-674-4111. Below are examples of keywords you may wish to use.

  • Bill Pay
  • Business License
  • Contact
  • Council
  • Court
  • Events
  • Farmers Market
  • Fines
  • Jobs Library
  • Map
  • Ordinances
  • Park
  • Police
  • Pool
  • Garbage
  • Road
  • School

Sign up for Alerts

You will now be able to keep up with City news, announcements, and events easier than ever by signing up to receive text alerts. Text one or more of the group names listed below to 918-96 to be added to the recipient list.


Join this list to receive general City announcements and emergency alerts.


Join this list to receive notifications and updates on upcoming City Events.


Join this list to receive announcements from the Henagar Public Library.


Join this list to receive news regarding the Henagar City Park and events held there.


Join this list to receive notifications regarding the City’s Garbage Service.


Join this list to receive notifications from the Henagar Senior Center.